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About our client

CJI Research Corporation is an alliance of experts in market research, marketing & transit planning.


To design & develop a website that clearly describes their expertise and depth of domain knowledge.


A modern website that clearly illustrates the vast expertise of the firm.


Background. CJI Research conducts primary research in attitudes and behaviors involved in public transportation, civic affairs, health care, and not-for-profit enterprise.


CJI needed their website to be redesigned to make it modern and mobile-friendly. 


Logo refresh. When they started a conversation with us, they were unhappy with the logo. They felt that it was showing age and wanted to refurbish it. They also wanted to add some modern colors to it. Being a serious and analytics firm, we used a cool blue and gray to add modernity to the aging logo. 


The logo was delivered in 2 different formats; one for the website and the other for print uses. We also created a favicon to be used on browser tabs.


Create 3 Marketing messages. A website is the primary marketing tool for any business. Without the right marketing messages, the website’s intended  goal(s) is hard to achieve. 


The principal goal of CJI’s website was to intrigue their website visitors enough to want to click to read more on the website. For this to happen, the messages had to be clear, concise, and compelling to intrigue the visitor to go to other parts of the website. 


With that in mind, we created 3 messages with the aim of having certain words in those messages highlighted for catching attention. 


Headings & titles. The website is so dense with content that we created a précis for each page. This succinct message was used on the left hand side that served the high-level message of that page. 


Mobile-friendly website design & development. First, we needed to select stock images that was about public transportation and that had direct relevance to the kind of market that CJI practiced in. We associated each of these images with the most appropriate marketing message that we had created earlier. These images were then used on the home page slideshow.


With a responsive website design, the website is now easily readable on all devices.

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