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Small businesses are the engine that powers the US economy. We believe that every business, however small, should be able to harness the power of technology to grow their business.

Features that small businesses need

Achieve your online goals

Our approach is simple. We believe what matters about a company’s website isn’t just how pretty it is or how clever the programming – it’s how effective the website is. You need a strong online presence to set yourself apart from your competition.

Our services provide you with a one-stop shop for your success online. We help you identify and implement the strategies you need to achieve your online goals.

We craft an online strategy for you that addresses your unique needs and is also within your budget. Whether you wish to dominate your market or have modest goals, we can make sure that your dollars work hard for your business.

Every part of your online presence – branding, website, visual design, messaging – will all work towards presenting you as the best choice to your online visitors.

Hosting & Maintenance

Keep your website secure with secure hosting and regular software upgrades. Ask us about our hacker-proof plan.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Attract visitors to your website with organic SEO. We can also set up and run your ad campaigns (PPC).

Online Marketing

We can help you establish your online marketing goals, create a strategy, and develop tactical steps to achieve these goals.


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“Purelynx was vital to getting my website set up the way I wanted. They created the professional and beautiful look I needed for my container gardening business.”

Laurel N.
Owner, Every Bloomin’ Thing

San Mateo, CA

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