QWill my website be mobile-friendly?
AYes, all our websites are mobile-friendly.
QWill my price increase with time?
ANo. The price doesn’t change as long as you keep up with the payments to your plan.
QI haven’t bought my domain name yet. Do I need to do that first?
AYour website will be at yourbusinessname.purelynx.com. If you want it to appear as yourbusinessname.com, then we will give you the IP address to point your DNS. If you would like us to set up your DNS, we can do that as an add-on feature.
QWhat if I want to add a new page at a later stage?
ANo worries! There will be a small fee to add a new page.
QCan I have a form on the website for people to contact me?
AYes, forms (slideshow, popup gallery, etc.) are an add-on feature on our template.
QI have a logo already. Can I use it with the 1-2-3 Go plan?
AYes, you may. It’s possible that your logo’s size or colors may not work with the template. If you wish to edit your logo, you could use our add-on service to update it.
QCan you create me a logo?
ACertainly! Logo design/updates are an add-on feature.
QWhat if I want to update some text on the website?
AYou will send us the information and we will make the edit within 2 weeks.
QCan I add new pictures to the website or do I ask you to do that?
A If you want to change images, you should send us the image and we will update the website within 2 weeks.
QI need help writing some marketing content. Do you help with that?
AYes, we can do that as an add-on feature.