Doing business during COVID-19

With COVID-19, the way we conduct business has changed drastically. Seemingly overnight, we have had to change how we interact with clients and earn revenue. Experts tell us that this is the new norm for a while. Because of social distancing, businesses are increasingly using the internet to do business with and communicate with their clients.

Here are a few steps that you can take to keep your business humming:

  1. Get a website today
  2. If you don’t have a website yet, it is time to get one. Your website is the nexus of all your online activities. It is one place where you have total control over your message. You can describe your offerings (products and services), keep your customers informed, and convert a visitor into a client.

    Note: We have a new website plan called 1-2-3 Go specifically designed for small business owners who need to go online fast and without breaking the bank.

  3. Add an informative banner.
  4. Create a message banner on the home page to let your clients know how your business is operating during this time. Remember to update your hours of operation. If needed, create a new page with details of your safety precautions.
    Describe delivery of goods. If you sell a product, then describe how your product will be delivered to the buyers. It could be anywhere from curbside pickup to mailing.

  5. Safety precautions for service.
  6. Social distancing is the phrase of this time. If you are a service company, then clients may like to know the safety precautions you are taking to keep yourself, your employees, and clients safe during this time. Add as many details as you can. There will be people with compromised health who will want to know such details.

  7. Take orders online.
  8. Now that many customers are reducing their trips to physical stores, it is important that people can order from you online. Add a form to your website so people can order from the comfort of their homes.
    Use your website to make appointments. You can put an appointment calendar on your website to allow people to shop by appointment, schedule pickups, or schedule services.

  9. Get personal.
  10. Create a video to describe how your business has changed doing business. During these times, we are hungry for a personal touch. A video from the owner describing how they are conducting business during this time is a great way to stay in touch with your clients and to give this interaction a personal touch.

  11. Maintain community.
  12. For businesses with strong customer communities, your customers want to feel connected — with you, your business and each other. You might create a space on your website to showcase the projects customers are working on, or create an informative blog on your website to keep people learning. Social media and email can also help keep your customer base engaged.

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