Services nonprofits need

Features that non-profits need

Add-on services for a stronger presence

Your website is your primary means of communicating with your members, volunteers, and and donors. This makes it essential that your website be savvy in its recruitment of volunteers and promotion for its membership.

Whether you are a non-profit, association, or a government agency, we have much experience in creating the right marketing solutions for you.

Every organization has to balance the needs of its constituents and supporters. Here are some of the most popular tools for a non-profit organization:

  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Online donations
  • Calendar of events
  • Private pages for members
  • Event landing pages
  • CRM integration

Social Media & Email Marketing

Spread your message wide with our email marketing and social media add-ons. We can help you communicate your vision with regular activities on these platforms.

Online Donations

Use intuitive and mobile-friendly forms to receive donations. Accept donations in a variety of ways and respond with thank you messages.

Events & Calendars

Communicate events and activities using a calendar. Create and manage event landing pages for use on social media and email marketing.