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Case study: Red River Software

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Based in Minnesota, Red River Software is a recognized national leader in the development and support of operations and accounting software.


Develop a new website design that showcases their extensive products and services.


An intuitive website their clients love and they can maintain in-house.


Background. When Red River Software approached us for a new website, their logo and website were showing their age. Their old website had the bones of a good and informative site, but it had problems. It had an outdated look, was in need of new pictures, was not easy to navigate, was difficult to maintain, and had outdated verbiage (not in small part since it was difficult to maintain).


Their old website design also lacked human touch, was a bit too mechanical looking, and felt like a complicated site. That had the effect of making their products seem complicated too.


To make the website more user-friendly, they needed help in 4 different areas.


The Human Touch. We needed to make improvements to the website that would create more of an impact with their customers and better represent them. This meant making a connection with the customer immediately, so that they know they are on the right website. On the new website, the first thing that you see upon entering the website is the guy on the home page who represented their exact demographic, and satisfied, happy ones at that.


Spell It Out. Another thing that was missing on their old website was knowing immediately what they do. We used slides on the home page slideshow to drive home the salient points -- save money, make your business run smoother, be happier business owners. We crafted these messages to read in first person, in a way that sounds one-on-one. “Your success is our bottom line”, “Your back-office accounting has never been easier” is a direct communication to a prospective client.


Show them what they’ll get. We featured their products more prominently on their website. By showing the products up close and personal, it takes some of the mystery and fear away from them. Each of the slides on the home page covers at least one of the products, linking them to the products page as well.


Better organization. We kept the most often used navigation elements at the top and moved others to the footer. We also created calls to action that gave the visitor ways to engage with the company through the website.


Maintenance. Once the website was completed, they wanted their marketing team to do the maintenance work and any content updates to the website. We used the open source platform, WordPress, to build their website that (with training) is easy tool to edit the content without touching any code.


With their new website, their clients are able to engage easily with the website and they are able to keep the website content current.

“You guys did a fabulous job and our customers are now starting to tell us they really appreciate and like the ease that the new website brings.”  - Nicole N.



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